About us

Neighbours Connect partner with industry leading suppliers to provide the best quality products in Australia. The Neighbours Connect program reduces traditional marketing costs of our partners which allows homeowners and businesses to acquire high quality products at heavily discounted prices. 

Neighbours Connect is backed by more than 20 years of industry experience, this knowledge is passed on to Neighbourhoods all around Australia which is vital when making correct decisions for your household and business needs.

Since inception we have helped thousands of Neighbours Connect customers cut the cost of their household bills using the power of Group Buying.

Solar Energy

Neighbours Connect are solar energy experts, we acquire high quality products from reputable solar energy retailers who service the whole of Australia. We reduce our solar retailer’s traditional marketing costs which then allows our customers to have high quality solar products installed at discounted prices.  

After 20 years of industry experience, we are proud to be Australia’s first solar broker. This means that instead of customers doing all the hard work, we do the work for you to source a quality solar retailer in your area. We make sure that your home is fitted with the correct size solar and/or battery system required, and we make sure it is installed by CEC compliant retailers, and most of all we make sure you get it at an affordable price!

When you contact our team, you’re not just speaking with a company sales person. We’re all truly passionate about renewable energy and have the experience to provide you with the right advice on how to take more control over your electricity bills. We’re also always current with the latest information on Australian Federal and State government renewable energy rebates, subsidies and other financial incentives and energy efficiency helping to save you even more money!

Stay Safe

Neighbours Connect has partnered with leading security companies who are experts in their field. Our independent advisory service helps neighbours and communities save on their home security needs. 

The Neighbours Connect program reduces traditional marketing cost of our partners which allows homeowners to acquire high quality products at discounted prices.

Energy Bills

With our extensive energy provider network, we can provide you (obligation free) with the best energy deals currently available that suit you and the way you use energy. Whether you have a solar solution, battery solution or just want a better deal, one of our expert partners will be there to help. 

Energy Storage

Thinking energy independence and further reducing the stranglehold electricity companies have over you? Our partners can help you achieve this goal with home energy storage – battery power – at a competitive price!

No longer is energy storage the realm of off-gridders and tinkerers. Gone are the days of complex components that require a good deal of knowledge to use safely and effectively – not to mention cash! The new generation of solar batteries available in Australia cost less, look great, require minimal maintenance, are efficient and very safe.

These battery power systems quietly work away without a fuss, helping you to make the most of your valuable solar-generated electricity. Increase your energy independence while maintaining the peace of mind of being connected to the grid. We will show you solutions to power storage with new world leading technology, it is important that you make the right decision when selecting your battery storage. 

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