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VEU Program

The Victorian Energy Upgrades (VEU) program is helping Victorian cut power bills and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by giving households and business access to free energy-efficient products and services.

The program works by setting a state-wide target for energy savings that result in a range of energy-efficient products and services being made available to homes and businesses free of charge.

Products must be professionally installed by an approved provider.

Your home may be eligible to upgrade the following products:

Energy Monitor

Fan Seals

Door Seals

Shower Heads - Water Saving

Chimney Seals

Vent Seals

Heat pumps

The Australian government is committed to lowering greenhouse gas emissions and is giving businesses and Australian citizens access to subsidised energy-efficient goods and services.

By examining how you use energy in your home or place of work, you can reduce Australia's carbon footprint in one of the simplest ways possible. It's excellent news for all of us because replacing your old, inefficient appliances with more environmentally friendly models can help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

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