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Had my solar put on nearly 12 months ago! The service and the transition period was smooth! Great price and the best part was no hidden cost or hidden phrases in there sales techniques. Guy who came was to the point and the company delivered on what they promised us! It's been great value for money! Good job and recommended.

— Aaron, Melbourne

Extremely happy with our solar. We spent 6 months researching other companies. Neighbours Connect gave us independent advice on what product to buy and we couldn’t be happier with what we have on our roof

— Kerry & Marg, Ballarat

Since having our solar installed we have been able to use all of our appliances at a real minimal cost and we have saved anywhere between $350 to $400 per month which has been so great!

— Mick & Kristy, Brisbane

Provided me up to date correct information all in the comfort of my own home. Installation was fast, after sale support was spot on.

— Nick & Yolanda, Geelong